Salus Presents Cyber Security Incident Response

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Cyber attacks are a persistent and growing threat to businesses and public entities such as municipalities and utility providers. Scrupulous cyber defense is not enough, particularly when our cyber adversaries can attack via third party software platforms such as SolarWinds and via phishing and spearfishing attacks.

Scott Galloway (NYU, Stern) states the problem this way:   “It’s not a crisis that does the damage, per se, it’s the response (or lack thereof) to the crisis.”  This workshop will provide attendees with information about cyber security incident response, with a focus on steps that can be taken to preserve an organization’s reputation and financial interests when an incident occurs

We will discuss a 5 step process for cyber incident response:

  1. Readiness assessment
  2. Creation of an incident management team
  3. Development of materials – particularly communication templates – to be used when an attack occurs
  4. Response rehearsal
  5. Incident response, with an emphasis on coordination and effective communication during and after an attack.