Scott Marticke

Scott Marticke

President, Group Salus

Scott brings 40 years of marketing, advertising, and web-based analytics experience, working with companies and organizations from local to global in scope. In 2009 he co-founded online analytics company Sentiment360 and was instrumental in the conception and launch of a cybersecurity crisis service for Omnicom. He cofounded Group Salus in 2018 to help SMBs and the public sector prepare for and manage critical cybersecurity incidents. In 2020 Group Salus partnered with Veloxiti AI adapting their military AI incident management software for commercial use.

Salus Presents Cyber Security Incident Response

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Cyber attacks are a persistent and growing threat to businesses and public entities such as municipalities and utility providers. Scrupulous cyber defense is not enough, particularly when our cyber adversaries can attack via third party software platforms such as SolarWinds and via phishing and spearfishing attacks. Scott Galloway (NYU, Stern) states the problem this way:   […]