Sheena Allen

Sheena Allen

Founder & CEO, CapWay

Sheena Allen was born in Terry, MS and is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi where she received a dual degree in Psychology (B.S.) and Film (B.A.). In 2011, Sheena started her first company, Sheena Allen Apps, and bootstrapped the app company to millions of downloads. In 2016, she started her second tech startup, CapWay, which gave Sheena the title as the youngest female in America to own and operate a digital bank. The fintech company connects under-served millennials and Gen Z to today’s cashless economy.

FinTech Panel

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Join our panel as we discuss the challenges and opportunities driven by innovation in fintech – Speed, complex eco systems – How do we turn agile from a weakness to a strength?  We will also discuss the 19 of 20 originators of loans with the highest fraud rate was for Fintech – Controls around Fintech, […]